Best Toaster Ovens

From the moment you own a toaster oven, you know how important it is to have one in your kitchen. You can use it for so many things, from roasting vegetables and toasting bagels to cooking a whole chicken.

A good toaster oven should be easy to use, clean, have optimal heat retention, and have a wide variety of functions.

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Best Overall

Cuisinart TOB-260N-1 Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven.
I have selected Cuisinart TOB-260N1 as the best large toaster oven. It accommodates nine slices of bread and even a 13-inch pizza. Compared to other large toaster ovens on this list, such as the Breville BOV900BSS, it comes at a lower price but with similar performance.

cuisinart tob-260n1

Best Compact

Panasonic FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven.
I have chosen Panasonic Flash Xpress NB-G110P as the best small toaster oven. This product can fit four slices of bread, so it is perfect for individual use. Compared to Hamilton Beach 31401, it has better features, such as double infrared heating for better cooking results and, it has six cooking settings instead of three.

Panasonic FlashXpress featured

1. Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven TOB-260N1

cuisinart tob-260n1 featured
  • Massive Capacity
  • Runs Quietly
  • Digital LCD and Controls
  • 15 Cooking Functions
  • Temperature Sensor For Even Heating
  • Adjustable Sound Control
  • Great Range of Features
  • Text Rubs Off Buttons
  • Some of the Features are Pointless

  • Score: 8/10
  • Value for money: Excellent

I have selected Cuisinart TOB-260N1 as the best toaster oven to make toast. It accommodates nine slices of bread and even a 13-inch pizza. Compared to other large toaster ovens on this list, such as the Breville BOV900BSS, it comes at a lower price but with the same performance. 

Another product with good inside capacity is the Black + Decker TO3265XSSD; however, it is missing dehydrating and proofing mode. Its performance is not as well-reviewed as the Cuisinart toaster ovens.

Most buyers have stated that this model has long durability, can be used to cook in 15 different modes, and has the most extended warranty of all the ovens mentioned on this list; hence, we recommend it.

Things I Love

  • Works as an Air Fryer: It’s not marketed as an air fryer, but it works like one all the same.
  • Reasonable Price Point: You can save money buying this oven compared to expensive models like Breville.
  • Preheats Quickly: For Reduced Cooking Times
  • Large Capacity: For Cooking Family Meals
  • 15 Cooking Functions: Making this an extremely versatile appliance 
  • Excellent Control Panel & LCD: Superb control system is very easy to use.
  • Interior Light: So you can keep an eye on your food while it cooks.
  • Internal Temperature Sensor: So the oven can distribute the heat to all the right places.
  • 3-year warranty: As long as you register it on the Cuisinart website

What’s Not to Like

  • Text Known to Rub Off The Buttons: A disappointing quality issue but doesn’t affect the toaster oven’s performance.
  • Some Redundant Features: A couple of features are identical in name, temperature settings, and cooking duration.

Good alternatives

Black + Decker TO3265XSS

This Black + Decker toaster oven is an excellent toaster of bread with a large capacity and is ideal for large families. It’s not as reliable as the Cuisinart TOB-260N1 but is a worthy opponent at a fraction of the cost.

Balmuda Toaster Oven

The Balmuda toaster oven is a quirky appliance from the island of Japan. It used steam to keep your food moist and makes some of the best toast you’ll ever have. The drawbacks? Its capacity is small, and it’s super expensive.

2. Panasonic Flash Xpress NB-G110P

Panasonic FlashXpress design
  • Superb Performance
  • Infrared Heating Elements
  • Tiny Footprint
  • Very Affordable
  • Runs Quietly
  • Looks Dated
  • Limited Capacity
  • Feels Flimsy
  • Poor Power Cable Position
  • Can Only Bake in 25 Minute Cycles

  • Score: 7.5/10
  • Value for money: Excellent

I have chosen Panasonic Flash Xpress NB-G110P as the best small toaster oven. 

This product can fit four slices of bread, so it is perfect for individual use. Compared to Hamilton Beach 31401, it has better features, such as double infrared heating for better cooking results and, it has six cooking settings instead of three.

It is more expensive than other compact models, but its performance is superior; hence, many customers have stated that it is worth investing in. 

Things I Love

  • Affordable Price Point: If you choose the silver option, this Panasonic oven is very affordable.
  • Infrared Heating Elements: Ceramic heating elements deliver instant and even heat.
  • No Pre-Heating Required: Thanks to the heating elements, the FlashXpress does not need pre-heating.
  • Premium Performance: This toaster oven is one of the best performing compact appliances on the market.
  • Tiny Footprint: This appliance is super-small and is perfect for single people or smaller kitchens.
  • Runs Quietly: Toaster ovens can be noisy beasts. Not this one; it runs surprisingly quietly.

What’s Not to Like

  • Looks Old Fashioned: The Panasonic FlashXpress has an outdated look that can be a turn-off to some people.
  • Limited Capacity: It’s not surprising considering it’s a compact oven, but it limits what you can achieve in the kitchen.
  • Feels Flimsy: This oven’s exterior feels thin, cheap, and not overly durable.
  • 25 Minute Cooking Cycles: You’re only able to cook for 25 minutes at a time before you need to reset the timer.
  • Power Cable Position: The power cable is located on the side. Which is not great if your power outlet is on the opposite side of the appliance.

Good alternatives

Cuisinart AFR-25

One of the more affordable and attractive toaster ovens from Cuisinart, the AFR-25 is easy to use and is powerful for its size, making it an excellent choice for single folks.

Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven

While pretty pricey compared to other compact ovens, the BOV450XL Mini is relatively affordable for a premium Breville appliance. It’s a great-looking toaster oven and performs well despite its limited functionality.

BReville bov900bss featured
  • Massive Capacity
  • Stylish Appearance
  • 13 Cooking Functions
  • Element IQ Technology
  • PID Temperature Control
  • Super Fast Cooking
  • Doesn’t Need Preheating
  • High Price Point
  • It’s Loud
  • Tough to Clean

  • Score: 9/10
  • Value for money: Great

If you are looking for the toaster oven with the best reviews, this is your option. Breville Smart Oven Air has a large interior, it doesn’t leave cold spots in your foods, it’s easy to use, and it has over ten cooking settings, including dehydrate and proof.

It is the most expensive oven on this list; however, I recommend it because most customers rely on it and advise to purchase it. Sure, there might be cheaper options like TOA-65, but compared to the Breville toaster oven, it has more negative reviews about its performance.

Things I Love

  • Massive Capacity: The cavernous interior is great for cooking family meals.
  • Stylish Appearance: In keeping with the Breville name, this appliance is gorgeous.
  • 13 Cooking Functions: This air fryer toaster oven is super versatile, and one of the most functional toaster ovens money can buy.
  • Element IQ Technology: Breville technology means this appliance’s performance is first-rate.
  • PID Temperature Control: The PID control system heats the internal capacity quickly and evenly.
  • Super Fast Cooking: The Breville Smart Oven Air cooks exceptionally quickly, so there’s no more waiting around for your meals.
  • Doesn’t Need Preheating: No pre-heating is required, so this oven is faster still.

What’s Not to Like

  • High Price Point: Breville products are usually expensive, and this is one of the higher-priced models from the brand. Get ready to empty your wallet.
  • It’s Loud: This toaster oven is ridiculously loud, especially when you’re using the air fryer function.
  • Tough to Clean: Consumers cite how tricky this appliance is to clean as one of their biggest bugbears.

Good alternatives

Ninja’s Foodi XL Pro (DT201)

The Ninja Foodi XL is one of the newest models on the market, and it has utilized the trial and error of all those that came before it for a truly versatile experience. Like most Ninja products, it is beautiful and could just have easily have been named the best. Breville’s performance is marginally better, but the Ninja is much cheaper.

Calphalon Performance Air Fryer Toaster Oven

If you’re looking for something a little different, a conversational piece for your modern kitchen, the ‘Performance’ air fryer toaster oven is unlike anything we’ve reviewed before. It’s a standard performer but utterly beautiful to look at.

4. Black + Decker TO3265XSSD

  • Small Footprint, Large Capacity
  • Super Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Long-Lasting
  • Doesn’t Come With Instructions
  • Steep Learning Curve

  • Score: 8/10
  • Value for money: Excellent

The Black + Decker TO3265XSSD made it into our list as the toaster oven with the best value. It is ideal for larger families, offers a wide range of cooking options, and has an excellent price point, making it suitable for those on a tight budget.

It might not be as modern as Breville Smart Oven Air or TOA-65, and it lacks some cooking options like dehydrate and proof, but you still get the air fry option, which is a function most consumers want.

The reviews about its durability are excellent and the ones regarding its cooking results; therefore, we recommend it. This toaster oven delivers a lot for such a small price point.

Things I Love

  • Small Footprint, Large Capacity: This little toaster oven is deceptively large inside, striking a perfect balance between kitchen space and the ability to cook large volumes of food.
  • Super Affordable: The Black + Decker TO3265XSSD is one of the more affordable air fryer toaster ovens on the market.
  • Lightweight: You won’t have any problems moving this cooker around the kitchen, thanks to its lightweight construction.
  • Auto Shut-Off: This Black + Decker appliance will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of inactivity to keep you safe in your home.
  • Long-Lasting: Consumers report that this appliance is robust and durable, thanks to its sturdy exterior.

What’s Not to Like

  • Doesn’t Come With Instructions: It can be confusing to use this oven to start with as Black + Decker doesn’t supply instructions.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Thanks in part to the lack of instructions and also to a haphazard control system, there’s a steep learning curve right out of the box.

Good alternatives

Instant Omni Plus XL

While not as affordable as the Black + Decker toaster oven, the Instant Omni Plus is excellent value for money, thanks to the ten cooking functions and the beautiful exterior of this oven.

Nuwave Bravo XL Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Another multifunctional air fryer toaster oven that comes with an impressive array of accessories and tons of cooking features for a relatively reasonable price point.

ninja dt201 featured
  • It’s Gorgeous
  • Digital Display Handle
  • Rack Position Indicators
  • Enormous Capacity
  • Ten Cooking Functions
  • It’s Early Days
  • It’s Big & Heavy
  • Loud in Operation

  • Score: 8.5/10
  • Value for money: Good

The Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 is the latest sensation to come from the Ninja brand. It has a massive capacity and ‘True Surround Convection’ for an excellent cooking experience.

Though the enormous capacity means this oven has a vast footprint and is super heavy, it’s still a beautiful machine, as is the norm from Ninja appliances.

Ninja tried to think of everything when designing this toaster oven, and its chocked full of innovative designs, features, and cooking functions.

Things I Love

  • It’s Gorgeous: One of the most stunning appliances to come out of the Ninja stable. It will look right at home in any kitchen.
  • ‘Digital Display Handle’: This unique control panel is built into the handle of the toaster oven for a user experience unlike any other.
  • Rack Position Indicators: The Foodi XL will let you know which rack position to use depending on which cooking function you’ve chosen.
  • Enormous Capacity: The massive interior is great for cooking large family meals.
  • Ten Cooking Functions: There’s so much you can do with this toaster oven, thanks to the ten useful functions available on the Foodi XL.

What’s Not to Like

  • It’s Early Days: Because this is a relatively new release, we’re not sure how this oven will perform over time, which means we’re not able to name it the best of the best.
  • It’s Big & Heavy: You’ll need a permanent spot in your kitchen for this beast.
  • Loud in Operation: It doesn’t only take up a lot of space; it’s super loud too.

Good alternatives

Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven (CO130-AO)

This Cosori toaster oven is a large-capacity kitchen appliance to rival the Ninja Foodi XL. While it’s not as attractive as its predecessor or performs as well, it has marginally more functions and is cheaper too.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Toaster Oven

The BOV800XL is one of Breville’s most popular toaster ovens, thanks to its relatively reasonable price point (as far as Breville goes). While it does have some potential reliability issues, it’s an absolute beast of a machine.

Cuisinart toa-65 toaster oven
  • Excellent Air Fryer
  • Low-Temperature Setting
  • Cooks Quickly & Evenly
  • Quiet While Cooking
  • Easy to Clean Accessories
  • Inaccurate Temperature
  • Confusing Control Panel
  • Toasts Unevenly
  • Runs Hot

  • Score: 7.5/10
  • Value for money: Average

Cuisinart TOA-65 can accommodate a 4-pound chicken, and it has digital controls for easy use. Compared to similar toasters like Cuisinart TOA-60, it has better features, such as preset functions and slow cooking options. 

Things I Love

  • Excellent Air Fryer: While it does take some trial and error, the TOA-65 air fries superbly well once you get used to it.
  • Low-Temperature Setting: For proofing, slow cooking, and warming.
  • Cooks Quickly & Evenly: Despite temperature regulation issues, this oven cooks more quickly than other appliances and is evenly heated throughout.
  • Quiet While Cooking: Air fryer toaster ovens can be noisy, but this one is surprisingly quiet.
  • Easy to Clean Accessories: All the removable components are dishwasher safe and are super easy to clean.

What’s Not to Like

  • Inaccurate Temperature: There’s something amiss with the internal sensors, so you’ll have to figure out what settings to use as you go.
  • Confusing Control Panel: The control panel layout isn’t as easy to use as we would like.
  • Toasts Unevenly: Paradoxically, while the air fryer cooks evenly, the toast setting is not as good. 
  • Runs Hot: The oven’s exterior can get very hot while in use.

Good alternatives

Cuisinart TOA-60

The smaller yet more affordable analog sibling of the TOA-65. It’s a little more tricky to use, but it looks beautiful and is kinder to your wallet.

Ninja Foodi SP101

This innovative Ninja toaster oven bucks the trend and has a wider cooking area than most with a low-profile design. It looks and works superbly and has a back panel for ease of cleaning. Which is just as well as this oven gets messy easily.

instant pot omni plus featured
  • Retro Appearance
  • Well Priced
  • Suitable For Dough Proofing
  • Multifunctionality
  • It’s Reliable
  • Doesn’t Toast Well
  • It’s Hard to Clean
  • Constant Convection Setting
  • Obnoxious Notification Beeps

  • Score: 7.5/10
  • Value for money: Excellent

Despite a couple of design flaws, the Instant Omni Plus is a superb small kitchen appliance that’s worthy of your consideration.

It comes equipped with a ton of useful functions, including a rotisserie set and 12 “smart” presets. It’s a fantastically reliable product and has a classic aesthetic. While the control system looks simple, it is a little more complex than we would hope.

But for a very reasonable price point, the minor annoyances are worth putting up with.

Things I Love

  • Retro Appearance: The Omni Plus straddles the line between retro and modern and is an excellent choice if you’re a fan of both.
  • Well Priced: Instant priced this appliance reasonably. They could have gotten away with asking for a little more, considering this machine’s functionality.
  • Suitable For Dough Proofing: The low-temperature range of this oven makes it a great choice if you like baking bread.
  • Multifunctionality: With 11 cooking functions and 12 smart presets, there’s very little you can’t accomplish with this toaster oven.
  • It’s Reliable: Consumer praise is often aimed towards this oven’s reliability, which can only be a good thing.

What’s Not to Like

  • Doesn’t Toast Well: While the Omni Plus is a decent performer considering the price point, the toast function is disappointing.
  • It’s Hard to Clean: The oven’s interior is a pain in the neck to clean. Stubborn grease is frustrating to remove.
  • Constant Convection Setting: It’s impossible to turn off the convection function, limiting the machine slightly.
  • Obnoxious Notification Beeps: Appliance beeps are rarely pleasant, but these are next-level annoying.

Good alternatives

KitchenAid KCO124BM

This no-frills run-of-the-mill air fryer toaster oven might not be the belle of the ball, but it’s a reliable workhorse that won’t let you down. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and comes with an affordable price point.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven (31401)

If you’re on a super-tight budget and want a cheap toaster oven that gets the job done, consider the Hamilton Beach countertop toaster oven. You can’t expect miracles from the ridiculously low price point, but for the money, it’s unbeatable value.

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