Slightly north of broad

This beautiful restaurant is located in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. One of the things that makes it so unique is the fact that it’s in a warehouse, which immediately establishes a setting for your meal. Slightly North of Broad, or S.N.O.B. as it’s mostly known, is specialized in modern Southern and Lowcountry cuisine, with explosive flavors that have allowed it to establish itself as one of the best in the area.


One of the best things about this restaurant is its overall setting. The building is an 18th-century warehouse, which has a great influence in making for a cozy environment. At dinner time, they make sure to give it the right lighting, which customers have said makes it perfect for a date. Despite the great quality of the food and the service, the place is far from being stuffy, making customers feel very comfortable. Some people feel like it’s too big to be truly intimate, while others find it perfect as it is.

Best dishes

Mouth-watering dishes await those who enter S.N.O.B. Some of the favorites of the customers are the barbeque shrimps and the fried chicken. What could be so special about fried chicken? Well, they make sure to season it perfectly and cook it at the exact temperature to make sure it’s crispy on the outside, yet juicy and tender on the inside. It usually comes with mashed potatoes that make your heart feel warm with how comforting they are.

Their barbeque tuna is also one of the dishes that has customers coming back, which comes with fried oysters on top, making it a deliciously sinful experience. People also love the butternut squash bisque, which has proven to be a delight! Another favorite is undoubtedly the duck,
which is accompanied by sweet potatoes and red cabbage. It’s one of the most requested dishes by recurrent customers.

Kitchen equipment


The main cookware set that is used is the Sous Chef kit by Made In Cookware. It’s a very versatile kit mainly based on 5-ply stainless steel. It also includes a nonstick pan for delicate dishes like eggs or fish and a carbon steel pan which is perfect for searing steaks or other meat dishes which require very high heat.


A matching set of knives by Made In is used in the kitchen.

Air fryer

For the air fryer they have chosen Cuisinart TOA-65. It’s interior space allows frying large amount of food at once and reliability is excellent. We think it’s one of the best air fryer toaster ovens available.

They also use a separate air fryer for single or double portion of fries. The choice is COSORI Max XL 5.8 Quart. It’s the most popular air fryer in the USA and is well worth the price.


The choice for microwave is Toshiba EM131A5C. It’s large, reliable and very affordable. It’s probably the best choice for Toshiba microwave.


There might be off nights here and there. Some of the things a few customers have said are that reservations can get tricky when coming here. The place is usually booked, and any changes to your reservation might be very difficult to accommodate. Therefore, it’s better to plan ahead as much as possible and make sure you make your reservation with your final number of guests so that any changes won’t create an inconvenience for you.


Most customers find this place one of the most affordable in Charleston in relation to the food that’s served here. The dishes are all high-quality, and the service is considered excellent by the majority of customers. The staff is attentive without being intrusive, which is something everyone highly values.

Something to highlight is that S.N.O.B. offers different options of half-bottles, which are very reasonably priced. According to most of the people that have been to the restaurant, the value
at S.N.O.B. is great!

Back in 2015, S.N.O.B went from being managed by Maverick Southern Kitchens to becoming a
part of the Hall family of restaurants, managed by Halls Management Group. Many faithful customers feared that this change would affect the quality of the food and service. However, this was far from reality.

During the past five years, S.N.O.B. has kept its place as one of the best restaurants in Charleston. This has been recognized by both critics and recurrent customers that were relieved to see the change in management had no negative effects on one of their favorite restaurants.