High Hammock

High Hammock used to be located in Pawleys Island, South Caroline. It was part of the Maverick Southern Kitchens Restaurant Group, whose entire portfolio has been acquired by the Hall Management Group as of 2015. However, High Hammock closed its doors before then, in 2010. With a specialty in Lowcountry food, High Hammock was a big favorite for many customers.


Most customers used to describe High Hammock as a casual yet elegant place. With a lovely outdoor deck and a relaxed feel in the inside, people felt immediately comfortable after sitting down to eat. It had an island feel to it that allowed customers to enjoy their visit to Pawleys Island even more. While a bit out of the way for many people, many visitors said it was worth the drive.

Best Dishes

Crab used to be a big favorite in High Hammock. The deviled crab cake sandwich was a big hit with many customers. Another menu item that stood out was the BLT sandwich. High Hammock turned regular sandwiches into true explosions of flavor that left the customers wanting more. The gazpacho was also a favorite for some of the customers.


There were a few complaints regarding the quality of the service. Forgetful servers and inconsistent attention were some of the issues reported by the customers. However, other customers mentioned excellent service from knowledgeable waiters.


Many of the customers mentioned that this was a very affordable place. They would even offer lunch specials that could include half a sandwich, a small soup, a beverage, and dessert. Even these discounted items were delicious and filling. Most people who visited High Hammock felt it was well worth their money.

High Hammock was one of the last endeavors presented by the Maverick Southern Kitchens Restaurant Group. The head chef, Frank Lee, was well recognized as an expert in the area, always using local products to have the most delicious and fresh ingredients.

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