Old Village Post House Inn

This restaurant used to be located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. With a historic feel and the possibility of being a home away from home, the restaurant presented itself as a fancy delight to many customers. However, it closed in February 2019 due to undisclosed circumstances. Their specialty used to be Southern food, which amazed the palate of most visitors.


This was one of the many attractive features of Old Village. The building is from 1800, making it a historical jewel. Furthermore, the entire place is warm and inviting, making people feel right at home. Despite this lovely set up, there’s a distinguished air to the restaurant, which was backed up by the high-end meals that used to be offered as well as the professional service. The patio was dog- friendly, which is something many people loved, especially during the summer days. Other clients showed an appreciation for the bar, which was located in the back.

Best Dishes

Undoubtedly, the shrimp and grits were one of the big favorites for many customers. Some went as far as to say these were the best ones they’d ever tried. The salmon was another big favorite, as the chef always cooked it to the perfect point. The filet mignon also won the hearts of numerous customers, as well as the grouper, which used to be served with green beans and a delightful sauce.

Kitchen equipment


Some people found their experience here to be inconsistent. Sometimes, the service would be very slow or people with reservations were seated near where the music was playing, which made for an uncomfortable experience. Other customers reported that the consistency of the food was not as desirable, as it had become a hit and miss eating here.


While most customers felt the high prices were worth it, others considered Old Village was overpriced. Overall, most people came here to celebrate a special occasion or to treat themselves and their partner with a romantic dinner.

However, it’s not a place for just a casual meal or a spontaneous walk-in as the prices were elevated. With the inconsistent service and food, many considered it didn’t offer the best value.

After some time of quiet as a consequence of Old Village closing its doors, a new project was announced in September 2019. The new owners come from the hospitality firm Basic Projects, and they are planning on doing a complete overhaul in this restaurant. The new menu will include simple meals with seasonal options that will be paired with a non-intimidating wine list. The new owners plan to make it a place that’s inviting, where family and friends can go for brunch or a casual meal any day of the week.

It’s set to be inaugurated during the spring of 2020.

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