High Cotton Restaurant

High Cotton is one of the favorite places visited by the residents of Charleston, South Carolina. With a refined outtake on Lowcountry food, High Cotton reinvents well-known dishes to present them in an entirely new way to delighted customers. A perfect place for a special occasion, High Cotton rarely disappoints.


This restaurant has a very elegant ambiance, which makes most customers feel they’re in for a refined night out. A selling point and favorite aspect for most customers is the fact that there’s live music every night. This adds a special feel to the entire experience. Some people even choose to stay at the bar, enjoying the wonderful drinks while listening to great music.

Best dishes

A hands-down favorite is the shrimp and grits plate. It’s one of the most recommended dishes by customers that have visited High Cotton. Another obvious favorite is the blackened halibut, which has unique flavors that stand out for most customers. Interestingly, one of the plates visitors keep mentioning is the key lime pie. It has the right balance between lime tartness and the sweetness that should come with any dessert.

Kitchen equipment

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One of the things some customers have mentioned is the fact that reservations can be slightly delayed. Due to the high number of people visiting High Cotton, there might be a wait of around 15 minutes, even if a reservation was made. Another recurrent comment is the fact that the place feels a bit snobby to some people. While not mandatory, there’s a feeling that a dress code should be followed. Therefore, it might not be the right match for every occasion.


High Cotton is a place for high dining. Therefore, it comes with a high tag price. Despite this, the majority of customers feel that it’s indeed worth it. Most people enjoy the ambiance of this beautiful restaurant as well as live music, which brings the evening to the next level.

Furthermore, the service is one of the highlights of High Cotton. The great training it’s noticed by many of the customers, as well as the fact that the waiters are knowledgeable when it comes to the food preparation and wine pairings. Many people have made this restaurant their favorite when it comes to celebrating special occasions. Overall, customers feel that what they spend at
High Cotton is a worthy investment.

High Cotton has gone through some changes in the past few years. However, assiduous customers happily report that the quality hasn’t been affected in any way. After it was purchased by the Hall Management Group, customers have found that the good things that made them fall in love with this restaurant in the first place continue to be there. Also, the new head chef, Brad Kelly, is a well-experienced and successful chef, who has a strong background in French cuisine and progressive cooking methods. He has brought his knowledge to High Cotton and, after being a sous-chef for three years, is now the leader in the kitchen of this great restaurant.

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